Shooting Pretty Ladies with a big heavy camera

So after months of talking, Alchemy finally bit the bullet and setup a day to shoot some proper fashion and Beauty tests with the Reds. Long time collaborator Crispin Dominic graciously lent us his Studio over at A1 Action Filmz as well as having Mr Sharif, Bharat (micro) Dholi, and Naeem all on hand to make sure we had what we needed in terms of lighting. Fashion Photographer extraordinaire Martin Beck, who has been eager to play with the RED from the first time we showed him the stills we’ve been pulling from it, gave up his weekend (and a few hours of beer time, so Im told) to come down and get involved.

We had two models for the day, the first one being the lovely Alexandra from Bareface

And our second model was the equally lovely Amber

Local Makeup Superstar Denie Pasion came up with the theme for the shoot and stylist Guillaume Nallet provided a look for each of Alex’s 3 changes.

Martin directed the models and arranged the lighting as if he was shooting stills, whilst Crispin and I took charge of the camera side of things.

I haven’t had time to really work with any of the footage we shot yet. Thats the joy of back to back jobs I guess, but as soon as I do Ill post links them here, and on Twitter.


~ by andrewclemson on May 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Shooting Pretty Ladies with a big heavy camera”

  1. What lenses did you use? RPPs?

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