RED Beauty Test Video

As promised, here is the Video we cut from the Beauty and Fashion test the other week, I think it came out quite well.

(looks better if you click the Vimeo link and load it in a new window)

So there you go. Be wary of watching it more than once or that ruddy song will be stuck in your head for days.

Anyway, tech stuff. All of the filming was done on one of Alchemy’s RED1s, with RPPs and a 10mm Arriflex thrown in for good measure. The majority of the video was RC36 shot in 4K 16:9 , at a combination of 25 and 30fps. Most of the slomo is 3K at 50fps, and the last shot of Alex in the red dress was 2K at 100fps on a 10mm Zeiss. The shutter was faster than usual, but uniform throughout, kept in relative mode at 1/100th.

In terms of pulling stills, we did a rough grade in REDcineX to take advantage of the RAW nature of the R3D, and then exported a TIFF. Im not a stills retoucher, so there’s very little grading, but I think they look good as is.

Here are a few examples:

Lesson Learnt from this shoot: Do not drink one of everything on a cocktail menu the night before. Using an Easyrig a few hours later makes you want to be sick!

Motos from the job will follow in the next few days.


~ by andrewclemson on June 21, 2010.

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