EPIC/SCARLET On/Off remote

After what seems like months, I finally got my marvellous little DSMC on/off  “chocolate bar”  from andy Jarosz over at MadlyFins. Little blighter had been stuck in the black hole of the Dubai Postal system but is free at last! Simple GPIO triggering Via a big red button (always the best kind of button) that signals over regular BNC once connected to a cable like REDs Sync cables or the B-Box from Wooden Camera.


Why, you ask would you need such a remote? The REDmote can trigger the camera remotely, ASWELL as change settings. Firstly, wireless can be problematic, range and interference all factor into reliability. Secondly, not everyone seems able to get hold of redmotes at the moment what with the Scarlet ordering onslaught!


~ by andrewclemson on January 11, 2012.

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