New School Vs Old School

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We got the MX equipped RED back last week. Nick thought it would be cool if the first ever MX images filmed in Dubai were of projected super 8MM film wedding movies.

Ended up rear projecting the image onto a piece of trace, then filming that in 4K on the R1.

Is 4K res 8mm Overkill?? Surely not…..


An Alchemy Films BTS Video

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This is a Short BTS video I knocked together quickly during some downtime this week. It is for a lifestyle shoot Alchemy produced a while back.

The shoot was all over Dubai, but this video was just at a location where I wasn’t busy DIT’ing/drinking coffee.

I used a 5D MKII incase you’re interested.

Shooting Pretty Ladies with a big heavy camera

•May 17, 2010 • 4 Comments

So after months of talking, Alchemy finally bit the bullet and setup a day to shoot some proper fashion and Beauty tests with the Reds. Long time collaborator Crispin Dominic graciously lent us his Studio over at A1 Action Filmz as well as having Mr Sharif, Bharat (micro) Dholi, and Naeem all on hand to make sure we had what we needed in terms of lighting. Fashion Photographer extraordinaire Martin Beck, who has been eager to play with the RED from the first time we showed him the stills we’ve been pulling from it, gave up his weekend (and a few hours of beer time, so Im told) to come down and get involved.

We had two models for the day, the first one being the lovely Alexandra from Bareface

And our second model was the equally lovely Amber

Local Makeup Superstar Denie Pasion came up with the theme for the shoot and stylist Guillaume Nallet provided a look for each of Alex’s 3 changes.

Martin directed the models and arranged the lighting as if he was shooting stills, whilst Crispin and I took charge of the camera side of things.

I haven’t had time to really work with any of the footage we shot yet. Thats the joy of back to back jobs I guess, but as soon as I do Ill post links them here, and on Twitter.

Late Night RendezVous

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Before I forget we ever even did it, heres a Music video Alchemy shot a while back for Local artist Clarita Dequiroz. It was shot in a couple of locations around Dubai by Alchemy with Bareface productions and DP Harvey Glen, with yours truly operating on those oh so exciting second angle shots.

The video was shot entirely on Alchemys REDs, on the Red Pro Primes and the occasional zoom. As you can see, lens flares are so in at the moment.
Its in HD, so let it load up in 720p if you’ve got a chance.

Jannard announces .H264 Recording Proxy modules for Epic/Scarlet

•April 11, 2010 • 1 Comment

Quote from Jim Jannard on

“RED is increasing the workflow flexibility on Epic and Scarlet with Proxy Modules… the first of which is an H.264 Module.

This module encodes a 1080P stream (high quality scale from full frame) and records to Compact Flash in a rear module. The module also offers secure password protected streaming over dedicated WiFi and ethernet to iPhones, iPads, laptops as well as broadcast to the internet.

This will be beneficial for on set viewing, instant dailies, offline editing, easy file transfer to remote locations, dailies review and collaboration services with such companies as Pix, or live broadcasting for realtime media distribution.

The modules will also support full metadata and XML for editorial.

Availability will be September 2010 and the price will be $2500.”

Thats pretty special. $2500 might seem like a lot but its half the price of a camwave, and an IPAD is only $500 per unit…….

Might eliminate some of the need for client monitors if they all bring their IPads/Iphones to set.

The most exciting thing about this though?

“… the first of which is an H.264 Module.”

The First?!? Perhaps the next module will be an option to record uncompressed RGB? Prores? 422? 4444?

Very exciting times, and NAB hasnt even started yet!!!!

Modular DIT Stations from RED

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RED have started the Pre NAB assault of new gear, and the first to come out was the new DIT stations.

The unit boasts modules for a 2.5″ SSD or HDD and a RED CF module.

Each Module can be used independently or linked together as a system, using E-SATA, FIREWIRE 800/400 or USB2.0.

Power can be safely daisy chained from the base unit to all the Readers with neat cables, power link cables come with the devices, they are not proprietary but normal Sata Power cables.

Here is an example of the Base Station powering 2 modules:

The units will apparently start shipping April 14th (although I still havent seen an option to order!) and will cost $250 per module and $250 fir the base unit.

New Canon 5DMKII firmware!!! 24/25P!!

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Well, the long awaited firmware is finally here. Going to install the new firmware as soon as I can to test out the new functions, and will post again later.

Get the Firmware update here:

Canon Site

Watch this space.